Long Beach Racers


Racers – Thanks to Cesar, Mike Basch, Leonard, Doug and Greg we got a
lot done yesterday, but have more to do to get the truck, trailer and
parts ready for San Felipe. We could also use 1 more chase truck, so
let me know if you want to come down.

We will work at the shop Monday (tomorrow) night as well as Tuesday
night. the goal for tomorrow night is to put the shocks back together
and install them in the truck, align the front end, prep the trailer
and spare parts. Tuesday we will go over the chase plan and load the
trucks with tires, fuel cans, pit boxes, etc.

Andy is setting up a helicopter to shoot video after tech on Friday,
so come early to get your 15 minutes of fame.

If you are coming to San Felipe, please bring your truck Tuesday so
you can get a tire and a pit box.

Thank you for your commitment to our team!

Written by Nick Moncure — April 14, 2013