Long Beach Racers

Magnuson Supercharger - 2005-15 - Tacoma - 4.0L V6


Baja Tested, LBR Approved.

Superchargers improve the efficiency and power output of your engine by forcing more air into the cylinder, which essentially tricks your engine into thinking its bigger than it is.  The cool thing about Magnuson superchargers is the bypass valve, which equalizes the pressure on both sides of the rotor pack during low-demand driving, reducing the load on your engine and boosting fuel economy.  When you put your foot down, the decrease in vacuum closes the bypass valve seamlessly allowing the supercharger to build boost and make the kind of power and torque that push you back in your seat.

Magnuson uses Eaton rotor packs in their superchargers.  Eaton's rotor pack design uses a high-helix twisted rotor to reduce the amount of heat buildup generated by compressing so much air.  This boosts efficiency further.  Long Beach Racers has found that our real-world fuel economy did not suffer with the supercharger (after the first tank ful of gas when we had our race face on).  The 30% increase in horsepower and 25% increase in torque will wake up your truck and make towing and other tough jobs seem effortless.

The nice thing about buying the Magnuson supercharger rather than the competitors products is a higher level of engineering that goes into each kit.  It comes with an aluminum air to water intercooler, higher flow fuel injectors, an intercooler, and all of the associated pulleys, brackets, hoses and belts and hardware are top quality.  There are easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions included for those of you who know your way around an engine.  A Uni-chip piggy back ECU is included, but the secret trick is you can reflash your Engine Control Unit (ECU) with the old TRD calibration if your ECU has the right target cal (access Toyota's Technical Information System for instructions for the TRD supercharger for details.  You may not want to mention this to your dealer).  NOTE: Even if you have the dealer install the supercharger, you should pop the hood, look over the instructions, and check a few things, because we have seen dealers leave out the intercooler pump fuse or other small details which can cause big problems later on.  No one will treat your truck as carefully as you will).

The 1GR (4.0 Liter) V6 is found in second generation Tacomas and 2007-2009 FJ Cruisers.  The Magnuson Supercharger kit increases the horsepower output to 304 HP, and this is an SAE certified number, unlike most of the BS claims that other companies make, SAE sent a witness out to verify the number, and it has to be steady state, not just the highest point in a dyno sweep.

We run TRD-branded Magnuson superchargers on both of our 2nd generation Tacoma chase trucks, on our "raging Bull" Tundra prerunner, on both of our first generation Tacoma chase trucks, and on our old LX470 prerunner. Even our Mom's Lexus LX570 has a supercharger, so we think they are the best thing you can do to improve the performance and utility of your Toyota truck or SUV.

Don't be scared by the price, this includes both the main assembly (supercharger housing) and the fit kit for 2nd Gen Tacomas, which has the intercooler, fuel injectors, etc. Many sites will sell it to you one piece at a time at a higher price when you add them together.

If you have all or part of an old TRD supercharger kit, you can buy the parts you need through us to complete the set, just send us a note through this site.

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